Sunshades of Pennsylvania

Beat the Summer Heat on your back deck or patio and light up your night with a stunning retractable awning

The Most Standard Features in the Industry

Our custom made retractable awnings come with a variety of premium features that bring simplicity and beauty to your outdoor area. 

Integrated Cassette Housing

An integrated aluminum housing cassette protects the fabric from the elements resulting in a cleaner and longer lasting awning. 
The valance slides out so it can be removed in the winter or when away as well as easily cleaned.


EZ Pitch

Sunshades of PA's EZ-Pitch adjustment is a high-valued premium awning feature that comes standard with all of our awnings. Our EZ-Pitch makes pitch changes as easy as can be.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Built In Dimmable LED Lights

A key premium Sunshades of PA Awnings offer are our built in dimmable LED lights. These lights are clevery built into the arms of all our awnings, giving users the ability to control the level of light by remote control.

Motorized Retractable awnings remote

Motorized with Wireless Remote Control

All of our awnings are also motorized and operated by a wireless remote control. This feature is made standard with all of our awnings because of the simplicity it brings.

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Satisfying All of Pittsburgh's Exterior Shading Needs

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We have 30 brilliant Sunbrella fabrics for your motorized retractable awnings.

Retractable awnings have so much to offer you in the comfort of your own home while extending your living area to the great outdoors.

You can block the elements of sun, rain, snow, and wind with a retractable awning while also shading a patio or deck area on your home for entertaining all year round.

On a nice warm day in Pittsburgh, you can close or retract your awning and enjoy some much-needed sunshine after the winter weather has subsided. It only takes a few moments to either open or close your retractable awning, making your outdoor spaces the most in versatility.

Testimonials From Our Clients

What customers are saying about us
“Exceptional product-the wind sensor works like a charm.”
Mary Hudson
“Great experience start to finish. The install was clean and efficient. The built-in lights are so cool.”
Paul Cooper

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