Awnings Reduce Energy Costs and Add Value

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After installing an efficiently-running cooling system and ensuring clean ducting, most people don’t think there is much they can do to reduce energy costs. Awnings, however, are a great way of reducing energy costs while adding value to your home.


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Do Awnings Keep Heat Out?

Yes. Heat enters the home through sunlight piercing through glass doors and windows. When placed, patio awnings shade the window or door area, preventing direct sunlight from entering and heating the indoor space.


In addition to keeping heat out, awnings can help retain warmth during colder weather. Awnings protect the area around the window from wind and snow buildup. Protecting the windows and sills from snow buildup means less freezing and less cold air penetrating the glass. Pockets of heat emanating from the home build up under the awning.

How Much Energy do Awnings Save?

Awnings save us energy based on how much we need to cool the home in summer or retain the heat in winter. Awnings allow us to run our systems less, creating monthly savings on energy bills. These savings can depend on the type of awning used and whether it is used year-round.


When you think about overall savings, it is essential to consider that running cooling systems less frequently or less intensely equates to less wear and tear. Less wear and tear extends the life of your cooling systems and reduces repair costs.


We can save about $200 a year in monthly utility with awnings. Over the life of your home, these savings become significant. Even more importantly, estimates show that we can reduce your energy footprint by cooling your homes by 50%.

Do Awnings Increase Home Value?

Yes. Awnings increase home value in a couple of ways.


Awnings options, such as the best in motorized retractable awnings in Pittsburgh, PA, can increase home value by improving the home’s exterior appearance. Awnings come in many types, sizes, and materials, including Sunbrella fabric. Portable, fixed, retractable, and remote-control awning options are available. This flexibility means selecting an awning that complements your home while creating a positive energy change.


Awnings also increase home value because they imply continuous energy savings. Homebuyers are drawn to home improvements, particularly those that extend the home’s life, reduce expenses, and require less work.


These awnings create value by defining and creating usable exterior spaces. An awning over the deck reduces heat in the summer while protecting against rain or snow. This addition makes the patio a valuable space where family members can sit together. Homebuyers appreciate these usable spaces.

How Much Value Does an Awning Add?

Retractable and portable awnings initially cost more to buy and install; however, they are more popular because of their flexible use. This flexibility adds value. This value also varies depending on the type of awning that you have.


For example, a portable awning can move to any window of the home that might be receiving the most light during that time of day or season. Retractable awnings can block heat from penetrating through a window during intense sunlight hours, but can then be retracted to allow heat during the cooler hours of the day. All of this results in energy savings that add value to the home.


Value begins immediately upon installation, with instant energy savings from  cooling systems. This value depends on how much you spent on the awning system and how much you are saving on monthly energy bills. Once the monthly savings equal the cost of the awning system, the monetary value becomes positive and continues throughout the home’s life.

Find Awnings Installer Pittsburgh, PA

Your home is a significant investment. Awnings are a simple way to save on monthly expenses while adding value to that investment. Getting the best deal requires having options for your awning needs.


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