8 Factors To Consider When Buying Retractable Awning for Your Business

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Awnings make a great addition to the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor commercial spaces and storefronts. These coverings offer protection from sunlight and rain and can provide improved visual appeal for otherwise “naked” storefronts or patios.

Choosing which awning works best for your business or commercial property can be a tough decision. If you’re new to the world of buying retractable awnings or other awning supplies, you may not know where to start. At Sunshades of Pennsylvania, we help our clients make informed investments in the look and function of their business spaces. Below, we talk about some of the factors you should consider when starting your awning purchase process.

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1. Function

When buying awnings, one of the most essential factors to consider remains the awning’s intended function. What would an awning provide for your business space? In general, most businesses purchase awnings for one of two primary reasons.

  • Storefront Awning

As one of the primary commercial awning types, storefront awnings offer an affordable and practical way to spruce up a business’s exterior. As a bonus, these fixtures also provide shelter from the elements for customers, store displays, signage, and more.

  • Awning for Restaurant Use

Beyond storefronts for retail businesses, restaurant owners often use awnings to provide coverage for patio or outdoor dining areas. Due to the typical size of the areas these awnings cover, commercial awnings for restaurants are often larger than storefront awnings and made of different, treated materials.

If you’ve chosen to add an awning to your commercial space, the intended use will guide you when making choices about size, style, color, and so much more. Start your buying process by getting a firm idea of what you want an awning to provide for your space.

 2. Size

When you have a clear purpose in mind for your commercial awning, it’s time to think about sizes. Size helps determine the available materials, styles, and colors and impacts the price and features such as retractability or motor-assisted movement.

Knowing the general size you want for your commercial awning can help you get great suggestions, an accurate quote, and more. If unsure which size awning would be most suitable for your commercial space, reach out to a professional for guidance.

3. Style

Buying an awning for your commercial space becomes as much an investment in your business’s style as it is the functionality of a space. Classic awnings and popular Marchesa awnings each offer entirely different aesthetics for a business or outdoor patio space. Consider these and other awning options carefully to find the right match for your business’s image or dining space atmosphere.

4. Retractable vs. Fixed

Another important choice when choosing the ideal wall mount awning for your business or restaurant includes movement. Some awnings, known as retractable awnings, can be drawn inward to open up the space or change the aesthetic. These commercial retractable awnings offer more customization of areas than fixed awnings. Business owners can retract awnings to protect them from damaging weather or provide customers with more opportunities for fun in the sun. An upgrade to a motorized retraction mechanism with a wind sensor for an outdoor commercial awning can make for the easy operation of larger awnings.

5. Material and Color

Business owners have a few options when it comes to materials and colors for outdoor motorized retractable awnings. Some awning fabric and colors hold or absorb heat better than others, so it helps to research the benefits of each material type before deciding which awning material to purchase. In general, awnings are made out of materials such as:

  •     Metal
  •     Wood or other natural materials
  •     Fiberglass
  •     Vinyl
  •     Polyester
  •     Acrylic fabrics
  •     Canvas

Go back to the purpose you decided on for your awning, and think about the typical weather in your business location. Choose an awning material and colors that promote the environment you want for your space. If you’re feeling lost, reach out to a commercial awning expert for help understanding what each material does for an outdoor space.

6. Weatherproofing

While some popular materials used for awnings and outdoor coverings come already weatherproofed or water-resistant to a certain degree, additional weatherproofing can be necessary for awnings used in spaces that receive heavy traffic and frequent periods of inclement weather. Buying retractable awning material often involves considering the level of waterproofing, weatherproofing, and upkeep on these factors that may be necessary.

7. Price

Once you’ve considered the necessary elements of your awning for your ideal commercial space and atmosphere, it’s time to consider price. Taking price into consideration at this stage provides you with an idea of baseline costs, potential overall investment costs, and more. If you’ve settled on an awning that exceeds your maximum budget, this makes an excellent stage to work with professionals to find solutions that better suit your needs.

8. Warranties and Guarantees

Sometimes, errors happen. Even well-built, professionally installed awnings can experience malfunctions. A great commercial awning provider will offer limited or full warranties on most awning packages, often backed by a service guarantee that means every customer gets the best work for every job.

If you’re considering which company to use for your commercial awning needs, always ask about available warranties or service guarantees before beginning.

Where To Buy Awnings for Your Business

After all of the above considerations, one of the most critical factors in your awning design and purchasing experience is choosing a reliable, trustworthy awning retailer. Awnings represent a significant investment in the aesthetics and comfort of your retail or restaurant space. Don’t risk investing with an inexperienced, overpriced commercial awning provider.

At Sunshades of Pennsylvania, we bring experience and selection to the table, providing our clients with the best quality custom retractable awnings that have premium features without the premium price tag.

Reach out to our friendly staff via our convenient web contact us form or telephone. Schedule an appointment now for a consultation or Call Sunshades of Pennsylvania at 412-465-6502 to learn more about buying retractable awning materials or other outdoor coverings today.

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