Does A House Awning Add Value?

motorized retractable awnings, house awning

Are you looking for ways to improve your outdoor experience? An awning could be the perfect solution! A house awning is an investment that adds value to any property by providing shade & protecting it from sun damage.  Not only does an awning provide insulation & protection from the elements, but it also gives properties […]

Retractable Awning Vs. Retractable Pergola – All You Must Know!

manual vs. motorized retractable awnings

When adding shade or shelter to your outdoor space, there’s one ultimate goal: the perfect match & we are left with two main options to accomplish this challenge: a retractable awning or a retractable pergola. During hot days, the Shade & protection offered by an awning or pergola is crucial to making your outdoor space […]

The Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings

The Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings

Are you interested in motorized retractable awnings in Pittsburgh? These awnings provide property owners with several benefits. Our team at Sunshades of Pennsylvania can help you review the upsides of installing awnings on your home. You can learn more about motorized awnings in Pittsburgh by calling us at (412) 337-0769. Our installation crews are standing […]

Tips on How to Maintain Retractable Awnings

Maintain Retractable Awnings

After investing in retractable awnings for your home’s outdoor areas, you might want to learn more about keeping your Pittsburgh retractable awnings looking new. Sun and regional weather pose a constant threat to these exterior additions. Check out these retractable awning maintenance tips to learn more about awning care. How Do You Maintain Retractable Awnings? […]

Awnings and Canopies What is the Difference?

awnings and canopies

If you’re considering outdoor shading solutions, you’ve probably heard of awnings and canopies. However, many property owners don’t know the difference between the two. Most people incorrectly assume that canopies and awnings are the same.   In truth, these shading solutions operate differently from one another and provide different benefits as a result. Knowing the […]

Understanding Custom Retractable Awnings: Costs, Installation & Things To Consider

Custom Retractable Awnings

Many homeowners consider custom retractable awnings a wise purchase for their home. For residents in Pittsburgh, retractable awnings provide ample shade and temperature control. However, you shouldn’t enter your search clueless when looking for a custom awning. You need to keep several things in mind when you’re interested in purchasing an awning. An essential first […]

Adding a Motorized Retractable Awning for Deck to Your Space

motorized retractable awning for deck

Whether hosting barbeques, birthday parties, or other family gatherings, outside decks are a great place to make memories. Take your space from ordinary to extraordinary and add comfort and beauty with a motorized retractable awning for deck. Acting as a deck canopy, a retractable awning helps you stay cool in the summer, keeps you dry […]

What You Need To Know About Sunbrella Fabrics for Motorized Retractable Awnings

Sunbrella Fabrics

Retractable awnings require an exceptionally durable fabric that stands up to nature’s demands. Sunbrella fabric meets homeowners’ needs for heavy-duty awnings fabrics with durable, stylish options for every home. While Sunbrella fabrics for motorized retractable awnings have been popular for many years, there is much to discover about them. Read on to learn about Sunbrella […]

Top 8 Modern Pergola Awnings Ideas

pergola awnings

The latest trend for homeowners looking to spruce up the front of their house or backyard is pergola awnings. Different from your typical canopy awning, pergolas are permanent structures that can attach to your home. Many pergola awnings are retractable. While they don’t typically shield you from heavy rain or snow, pergolas add a modern […]

Patio Sun Shade Cover Ideas

Patio Sun Shade

A beautiful outdoor patio offers homeowners the ideal place to enjoy their property’s outdoor space. However, a patio without anything blocking the sun can limit when you spend your time outdoors. Patio sun shade cover ideas are the perfect way to introduce shade to your patio. From sunburn risks to heatstroke in extreme temperatures, having […]