Debunking the 6 Myths About Motorized Shades

motorized blinds

Motorized shades are a convenient alternative to traditional blinds. They allow you to control your sunshades with a touch of a button, making it easier than ever to operate your shutters. However, several myths and misconceptions about motorized shades might mislead you next time you’re in the market for a new set of retractable sunshades […]

How to Choose the Right Style of Storefront Awning

storefront awning

Has your store considered the benefits of attractive yet retractable awnings in Pittsburgh, PA? The choice of storefront awning can have a significant effect on the appeal of the business to passersby. It provides unique branding opportunities and is an easy way to make customers feel more welcome. Below, the Sun Shades of Pennsylvania experts […]

Why Should You Invest in Outdoor Shades?

outdoor shades

Outdoor shades often represent a significant investment for homeowners around Pittsburgh, PA. However, they come with many benefits that make the investment a good choice. They can improve the aesthetics of your property, help you stay cooler, and offer protection from the elements.   Please find out more about outdoor shades with our team at […]

Top 5 Trending Exterior Door Awning Ideas

exterior door awning ideas

Exterior door awnings are a simple and cost-effective way to add valuable square footage to the outside of your home. Not only do they add character to your yard, but they provide protection from the sun and rain allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space more often. No area is too big or too small […]

What You Need To Know About Sunbrella Fabrics for Motorized Retractable Awnings

Sunbrella Fabrics

Retractable awnings require an exceptionally durable fabric that stands up to nature’s demands. Sunbrella fabric meets homeowners’ needs for heavy-duty awnings fabrics with durable, stylish options for every home. While Sunbrella fabrics for motorized retractable awnings have been popular for many years, there is much to discover about them. Read on to learn about Sunbrella […]

Patio Sun Shade Cover Ideas

Patio Sun Shade

A beautiful outdoor patio offers homeowners the ideal place to enjoy their property’s outdoor space. However, a patio without anything blocking the sun can limit when you spend your time outdoors. Patio sun shade cover ideas are the perfect way to introduce shade to your patio. From sunburn risks to heatstroke in extreme temperatures, having […]

8 Places Where You Can Install a Retractable Awning

where to install retractable awning

When you hear the words retractable awning, you will most likely think of the most common area where they are used–over a porch, patio or deck. While this is the most common use, you can benefit from many other areas by shielding them from the sun and weather. Retractable awnings may be free-standing or attached […]

11 Benefits of Retractable Awnings

benefits of retractable awnings

Most people think of the benefits of retractable awnings as only giving you a shady area on a hot afternoon–but there are many other benefits when you dig deeper into the subject. The Many Benefits of Retractable Awnings Retractable awnings can help you with benefits both when it is open and when it is closed […]

7 Reasons Why You Might Add an Awning to Your House

7 Reasons Why You Might Add an Awning to your House

Know the Helpful 7 Benefits of Adding An Awning to Your House You can reap the many benefits of a retractable awning over many years of usage. Providing shelter, lowering energy bills, furniture protection inside and out, and adding a lovely architectural aesthetic are just some of the benefits. 1. Providing Shelter and Weather Protection […]