Essential Tips To Consider When Installing Awnings

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If you are like most people, you only give a little thought to awnings once you need one. But, if you are in the market for an awning, you should consider some essential tips before purchasing. 

In this blog post, we will share some things to remember when selecting & installing an awning. By following these simple tips, you can be sure to choose the best awning for your needs & avoid any costly mistakes. 

So, whether you are looking for an awning for your home or business, read on for some essential tips to remember!

Why Install Awnings In The First Place?

Installing awnings can provide several incredible benefits, ranging from aesthetics to practicality. Awnings can greatly enhance the overall visual presentation of a home or office building, instantly making it a more attractive exterior environment. 

On a practical level, awnings are a great way to keep a building cool during hot summer days by blocking out direct sunlight. For many businesses, a well-placed awning can bring in additional customers as it provides shelter from the rain. 

There is no better way to ensure comfort & style in any property than with awnings – they’re easily installed yet offer benefits!

The Different Types Of Awnings Available



Awnings come in various sizes, styles & materials to meet various needs. 

  • From retractable awnings for a deck or patio space to canopy awnings that provide a dramatic visual element with color & pattern, there is an awning out there that will work perfectly with your existing architecture. 
  • A lightweight mesh awning can be a great option if you’re looking for a functional awning to block the sun while maximizing light. 
  • Finally, commercial businesses often use heavy-duty drop arm awnings made of more durable fabrics like solid acrylic & vinyl coat that provide excellent weather protection while also giving guests a sense of security as they enter the building. 

With so many options available, finding an awning that perfectly matches your vision for the outside of your home or business is easy.

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Awning For Your Home?

When choosing the awning for your home, it is important to consider several factors before deciding. A well-chosen awning can increase a property’s value, provide protection from the elements & add a stylish accent to your home. The type of awning you select should depend on the required protection level, location & preferred design aesthetics.

  1. Sun & wind exposure should be considered when deciding which material best suits a particular spot. 
  2. The shape also plays a role in functionality & style – a free-hanging awning can make a great space to create an outdoor living area. 
  3. At the same time, wall-mount versions are usually used for ventilation or shading windows. 
  4. Ultimately, it is worth considering professional advice when selecting the perfect awning for your home that meets both design & practical needs.

Top 10 Tips To Consider When Installing Awnings

Restaurants awnings

  • Measure the space available: Awnings come in various sizes, so measure your area accurately to ensure you select & install the right size awning for the space. 
  • Choose the right fabric & frame material: A lightweight mesh is best suited for sun protection. At the same time, vinyl-coated polyester can provide additional strength & durability against extreme weather conditions. A metal frame is also a sturdy option for larger awnings.
  • Consider the angle of your awning: A slightly sloped or angled awning will shed rain better than flat ones, but be aware it may not block out all direct sunlight. 
  • Think about safety: Awnings should be securely fastened to ensure they don’t become loose in strong winds or heavy snowfall, especially with heavier materials like canvas or vinyl-coated fabric. 
  • Consider sun protection: A well-positioned awning can reduce heat gain from direct sunlight by up to 77%, making it an ideal solution for climates with high temperatures. 
  • Awnings should be easy to open & close: A retractable awning is the best option for convenience & flexibility, especially in areas that experience sudden changes in weather conditions. A motorized system can even be used to control the awning from inside your home or business with just a button! 
  • Opt for low-maintenance options: A fabric-covered aluminum frame requires very little upkeep & will last longer than other materials.
  • Ensure proper installation: A professional installer should always be consulted before installing an awning. An improper installation could damage or collapse the structure in high winds or heavy snowfall. 
  • Watch out for UV Lights: Regularly inspect your awning to ensure the fabric isn’t fading due to direct sunlight or heat exposure.
  • Awnings should be covered when not in use: A good rule of thumb is to always put an awning away during inclement weather, such as rain & snow, or when it’s not needed. This will help prevent damage & ensure its longevity over time.

After installing the awnings, there is still a need to do proper maintenance & upkeep to keep your awnings looking just as good as the day they were installed. That’s why at Sunshades of PA, we both offer top quality products when it comes to buying new awnings, but also outstanding customer service that can help guide you through the entire process from selecting your new awnings all the way through taking care of them after their installation. 

How To Take Care Of Your New Awning?

Caring for your new awning can be a cinch with just a little dedicated effort. The most important aspect is ensuring your new awning is cleaned regularly, at least twice a year. 

  • To do this, use a water hose & mild soap to remove dirt & stains, then air-dry the fabric for about 20 minutes before retracting it. 
  • Additionally, inspect your awning often for signs of damage, such as rips or tears that can affect its functionality; if needed, patch these areas as soon as possible. 
  • Finally, taking preventative measures by using protective covers when harsh weather arises ensures your awning is well-equipped to last many seasons ahead!

Why Buy Awnings From Sunshades Of PA?


Sunshades Of PA offers only the best products when it comes to awnings. We carefully select our suppliers, rigorously inspecting their materials so that the final product perfectly meets our customers’ expectations. 

Our dedication to design, craftsmanship & quality make Sunshades Of PA one of the go-to places for awnings today. We take great pride in curating beautiful, long-lasting structures that will last for years to come & make your outside space look stunning. 

Get your perfect piece from Sunshades of PA & make sure your home still looks marvelous next season!

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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Installing Awnings

Q1: How Long Does Awning Installation Take?

A1: A professional installer should be able to install an awning in 2-4 hours, depending on the job’s complexity.

Q2: What Is The Best Awning Type To Install?

A2: A retractable awning is usually the best type as it offers convenience & flexibility. A motorized system can even be used to control the strength of the sun’s rays.

Q3: How Much Does Awning Installation Cost?

A3: Awning installation costs will vary according to the location & size of the awning. It can range anywhere from $300-$2000 or more for complete installation services.

Q4: What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Retractable Awning?

A4: A retractable awning has many benefits, including blocking UV light & reducing heat gain in the summer months. It can also provide shelter from rain or snow during cooler weather, creating an inviting outdoor space for all occasions!

Q5: What Are The Different Awning Materials Available?

A5: Awnings come in many materials, such as fabrics, metals, canvas & wood. Fabrics are often the most popular choice due to their look & feel. Still, metal awnings offer greater durability against harsh elements.

Q6: How Should A Retractable Awning Be Maintained?

A6: A retractable awning should be cleaned at least twice a year with a water hose & mild soap. Inspect the fabric for rips & tears & patch these areas as soon as possible. A protective cover should also be used when harsh weather arises to keep the awning in great condition.

Q7: What’s The Best Place To Install A Retractable Awning?

A7: A retractable awning can be installed on any side of your home or patio that offers shade from direct sunlight. It is important to consider how much room you have before installation so that it fits properly without obstructing other structures.

Q8: Should I Hire A Professional For Awning Installation?

A8: Professional installation is best to ensure the awning is installed correctly & safely. A professional can also help you choose the best material for your location.

Q9: Does A Retractable Awning Provide Any Privacy?

A9: A retractable awning can provide privacy from neighbors or nosy passersby. A sturdy fabric material will block out most of the light & sound, creating a cozy oasis!

Q10: What Is The Best Position For A Retractable Awning?

A10: The best position for an awning is one that offers full sun protection while still providing some shade. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor space comfortably without getting too much direct sunlight. A professional installer can help you determine the best position for your awning.

Enjoy the sun & shade comfortably with our Awnings from Sunshades Of PA – nothing else will do! Remember to ask about our special offers & discounts too! Make sure you make the most out of this summer season by ordering Awnings from Sunshades Of PA – You won’t regret it!

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