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You have many factors to look at when you are searching for a high-quality retractable awning. You want to make sure that it’s the right size, the fabric is durable, and the frame, and you want a color that looks nice compared to your home. The treatments on the frame and fabric will need to be of high quality, so your awning will last for many years to come. You also need to make diligent comparisons of the awning company you choose and make certain that they have many years of experience in the field.

Durable and Long-Lasting Quality​

Retractable awnings are much better quality and longer-lasting than their stationary counterparts are. Stationary awnings stay open all year round in the rain, wind, snow, and they won’t last long because the elements will take a toll on them, and the fabric will thin and then tear easily. The framework can also be twisted and no longer hold the fabric up if it catches a heavy wind. Retractable awnings are simple to close before bad weather hits, so the fabric rolls up into a protective cassette at the mounting area on your home. This protects both the fabric and the frame from damages caused by weather to be a much more durable product.

Choosing the Size

There are two main measurements to size your awning: the width and the projection. If you are attaching an awning to your home, over a patio or deck of any sort, you want it to cover the width of the area completely or a few inches more on each side for great sun protection. The projection is how far out the awning will be from the mounting area on your home outward, and you want this to cover your entire area also. The best bet is to have a professional company that sells and installs your awning to make certain it is measured correctly and installed correctly. Seeing one size doesn’t fit all should remind you that the area you want to cover is distinct, and a pre-made awning will not fit right, so you need a custom awning company to manufacture it to the correct and exact size for you.

Choosing the Color

A pro can help you decide on the color of your awning so that it matches the architecture of your home and the exterior color. Most homeowners want their retractable awnings to blend in with their surroundings, so it looks complete. In addition, you can choose from solid colors in a wide range of stripes if you wish for the fabric on your awning.

Choosing Quality Fabric

There are a few different fabrics on the market; however, some are not as durable and colorfast as others. Sunbrella makes premium fabric for outdoor shading products. They are fade and stain-resistant, and they last longer than any other fabric on the market today. Sunbrella fabrics also resist mold and mildew to stay looking like new for a long time. In addition, this product will give you many more years of sun protection than any other fabric due to its durability in construction.

Choosing the Frame

The high-quality frame should also be very durable and powder coated for long-term use. The aluminum and steel frames last longest. Some manufacturers only offer one color, which may not look so great on your home. You should have a choice of at least three different colors to complement your decor.

Choosing the Operation of Your Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings may open and close in manual models by turning a hand crank, or they may be motorized to open and close with a touch of a cordless remote control. The automatic operation is trendy because it’s easier than using the hand crank in a storm while standing in the rain to do so. However, it would be best if you also chose a model that is corrosion-resistant for long use.

Think About Maintenance Requirements

Motorized retractable awnings do have more moving parts than stationary models. Therefore, they may need some service on parts that may wear eventually and need repairs or replacements. However, manual retractable awnings usually don’t last as long because homeowners may forget to close them, and a sudden storm will come up and wreak havoc on their awning by tearing it or twisting the frame. In addition, manually operated awnings are usually left open more often. In doing this, they get more sun, rain, and snow on them so that the fabric will wear out prematurely.

What are the Warranties?

Don’t be fooled by a dealer offering a “great discount” on their retractable awnings. This isn’t usually a good move because the materials will be shabby, and it won’t last long. Instead, ask about the warranty on the fabric, frame, and motor. If the warranty is only for a few years, then the dealer knows their products are sub-standard. Longer warranties always mean the products will last longer.

Choosing a Dealer

The best professional retractable awning dealer will have many years of manufacturing and installation experience and be near you so that they know what the weather is like in your area. At Sunshades of PA, our highly knowledgeable staff is always ready to serve all of your outdoor shading needs. We offer the most standard features that come with our retractable awnings, such as integrated cassette housing for fabric protection, the EZ pitch adjustment system, and built-in dimmable LED lights to adjust the lighting to the perfect level in the evenings. Call us for a free quote today so you can increase your livable area to the outside.

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