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A beautiful outdoor patio offers homeowners the ideal place to enjoy their property’s outdoor space. However, a patio without anything blocking the sun can limit when you spend your time outdoors. Patio sun shade cover ideas are the perfect way to introduce shade to your patio.

From sunburn risks to heatstroke in extreme temperatures, having ample protection against the sun is essential. With so many patio cover ideas for shade, you’ll find many DIY projects, or you can get a retractable sun shade for patio use. Keep reading to find out what you can do to increase shade over your backyard patio.

Patio Sun Shade Ideas

Patio sun shade cover ideas don’t have to be expensive or difficult to install. Whether you want an intricate overhang for your patio or a simple fabric sunshade, you can customize your patio shade methods for your needs. Lightweight fabric options are easy to install, while more extensive projects may require construction.


Covering the top of your sitting area serves as the first step to getting proper shade. A patio umbrella’s weighted base helps it stand upright and provide unfaltering cover. The smaller size of a patio umbrella means it will take up much less space, making this option ideal for cramped patios.

Portable umbrellas offer a lightweight option if you need shade with you wherever you go. While large, weighted models are difficult to move, you can easily transport a portable umbrella from one part of your patio to the other. Many fold away for easy winter storage.


Shade Trees

Using your natural landscape makes one of the most inexpensive patio shade ideas available. Trees, tall shrubbery, hanging vines, and more provide ample cover for those who want a natural-looking outdoor environment. They also improve air quality in your immediate area.

Strategically planted shade trees ensure your patio gets ample shade, but tree root systems can become problematic with time. Plant with tree root systems in mind and ensure trees remain far enough from your patio to prevent foundation disruptions in tiles or concrete.


A pergola is an outdoor structure with an open grid roof. These popular structures introduce patio shade and are easy to build thanks to the simple grid beam design. Cover the top of pergolas with waterproof fabric to create shade and keep your outdoor living space safe from water damage.

Patio Overhangs

A patio with an overhang provides a solid foundation for patio furniture while remaining separate from your home. Unlike a pergola, an overhanging patio roof has no openings to encourage the most shade. Installing extra walls and hanging outdoor curtains will add additional shade if a solid roof is not enough.

Retractable Awnings

If you need a high-end solution for patio shade, retractable awnings are ideal. They come in motorized and manual options and feature durable, high-performance fabrics. While it’s not cheap to get a retractable sunshade, patio furniture stays protected, and you remain comfortable.

An awning installation company can help you find the best awning size and fabric and perform the installation.

Get Help From Sun Shade Professionals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Patio sun shade cover ideas don’t stop here. While overhanging roofs and fabric sun shades make excellent patio cover ideas, a high-end solution blocks sunlight more effectively. The professional crew at Sunshades of Pennsylvania is at your service with an inventory of motorized, retractable sunshades.

When you’re in the market for a reliable, convenient patio sun shade cover, our motorized, remote-controlled awnings provide the shade you need. We make patio shade problems a thing of the past. Our years of experience installing motorized, retractable awnings mean you get an expert awning installation.

Come to Sunshades of Pennsylvania when you need patio sun shade cover ideas. Perhaps a motorized retractable awning will be the right choice for you. Contact us to discuss the benefits of an awning for patio shade at (412) 844-2481.


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