Top 8 Modern Pergola Awnings Ideas

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The latest trend for homeowners looking to spruce up the front of their house or backyard is pergola awnings. Different from your typical canopy awning, pergolas are permanent structures that can attach to your home. Many pergola awnings are retractable. While they don’t typically shield you from heavy rain or snow, pergolas add a modern aesthetic that many homeowners strive to produce.


With so many options regarding dimensions, materials, and design, you may have trouble choosing the most suitable awnings for your home. We’ve put together a list of today’s modern pergola awnings ideas to help you get started.


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Structure Type

When you’re considering modern pergola designs, there are two structure types to choose from: freestanding and wall-mounted. You have various material options, the most common being vinyl, fiberglass, or wood.

Freestanding Pergola Awnings

If you’re looking for a smaller awning to accent the entrance to your home or provide some shade on your patio, a freestanding pergola can do just that. These tend to be temporary structures as they’re not designed to withstand harsh climates. While they are a cheaper option, they also aren’t built to last very long.

Wall-Mounted Pergola Awnings

If you’re looking into pergola awnings to fill a space right next to your house, then a wall-mounted pergola awning is safer than a freestanding awning. Depending on your home layout, a wall-mounted pergola should only require two columns. A wall-mounted pergola awning is a permanent structure designed to flow seamlessly with the design of the rest of your house.

Pergola Cover Options

While some people choose to keep their pergolas bare and open, most prefer to add a cover to provide some shade.

A Shade Sail

A pergola shade sail is a fabric addition tensioned between several anchor points to provide coverage. They come in various shapes and colors, making it convenient to change the aesthetic style of your yard often. On the downside, you can’t remove them at a moment’s notice if you decide you want to get some sun.

Retractable Pergola Canopy

If you prefer the option to allow the sun to peek through your awning, consider a retractable pergola canopy. These are permanent structures that make it easy to pull the fabric aside with a pulley system. High-quality options offer protection from UV rays and heavier rains.

Pergola Awning Cover

A pergola awning cover lies over the structure and can act as a canvas wall if it’s long enough. The fabric fastens to the columns and beams, creating the tension that gives the cover option its modern look. Pergola awning covers are permanent and non-retractable.

Pergola Curtains

If covering the top of your pergola doesn’t provide you with enough shade, consider adding outdoor curtains. In addition to giving your pergola a luxury beach vibe, curtains also give you some privacy. You can easily tie them to the columns when you want to let in more sun.

Natural Cover Options

Pergola awnings have a unique structure of beams that make them an ideal spot for plants to grow. You can create a natural cover with thick ivy vines or arching plants like honeysuckle. Flowers that work well as natural pergola covers are Trumpet Vines and Chinese Wisteria.

Bamboo Pergola Awning Cover

A bamboo pergola awning cover can give your structure a natural appearance without the work of maintaining live plants. Rolling them out across the roof of your pergola offers shade while still allowing a hint of sunshine to peek through each bamboo stick.


Bring Your Modern Pergola Awnings Ideas to Life


Now that you’ve considered today’s modern canopy and retractable pergola awnings ideas, it’s time to bring them to life. Sunshades of Pennsylvania has over 30 years of experience creating custom commercial and residential shading products in the Pittsburgh area. As a trusted member of the community, we ensure that all of our retractable awnings for pergolas contain the highest quality materials.


Learn how we can help you with all of your retractable pergola awning ideas by reaching out to us today. Schedule a consultation appointment by calling the Sunshades of Pennsylvania team at 412-465-6502. We’re located in Venetia in Washington County, PA, and we serve the Greater Pittsburgh area.


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