8 Places Where You Can Install a Retractable Awning

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When you hear the words retractable awning, you will most likely think of the most common area where they are used–over a porch, patio or deck. While this is the most common use, you can benefit from many other areas by shielding them from the sun and weather. Retractable awnings may be free-standing or attached to a structure. Read on to find out where to install retractable awnings.

1. Porch, Deck, and Patio

Your porch, patio, or deck will likely have a hard floor of some type, such as concrete, tile, or wood. This is a perfect place to add a retractable awning to give you shade and shelter from the sun on summer days. Awning fabric not only cools the areas under it by about 20 degrees but also keeps the sun and heat from entering your home through any windows or doors under the awning. This helps to make your home more energy efficient in the summer. When it’s winter, you can close your retractable awning and let the sunshine in your windows and doors add warmth to your interior, so you use less heat to stay comfortable. You can also sit under your retractable awning in a light sprinkle of snow and be out of the elements. Covering a porch, patio or deck gives you more livable space as an extension of your home, so you will likely spend more time outside in the fresh air.

2. Doors and Windows

Installing retractable awnings over doors and windows is a home improvement to keep your home more comfortable in the summer because they block a lot of the sun’s UV rays and heat from entering your home. Door and window awnings are very stylish and add maximum curb appeal to your home. A door awning can protect you from a shower when you are coming home after running errands and are unlocking your door. Since awnings slant downward at the front farthest from your home, they will redirect rain and snow flurries away from your doors to give you a better footing to enter your home. Door and window awnings also protect your windows and glass doors from hailstones so they will be less likely to be broken in bad weather. Door and window awnings will also preserve your weather-stripping made of rubber around them so they will be protected from the elements and last longer before needing to be replaced. Door and window awnings are usually mounted to the exterior of your home with sturdy mounting brackets.

retractable awnings for doors and windows

3. Covering Walkways

Some homes have narrow side yards that are made of concrete, rock, or decorative stones or tiles when there isn’t room for grass, shrubs, or flowers. It’s quite convenient to add a retractable awning over these areas so you can go from the front yard to the back yard in comfort while staying out of the sun, rain, or snow. A covered walkway will also help to keep mud, water, and melting snow out of your home if you use it instead of going through your home to reach the other side of your property. Awnings to cover walkways are generally mounted to an exterior wall of your home.

4. Lovely Garden Paths

If you have a nice flower garden, the chances are that you would enjoy sitting outside on a warm summer day to observe it. Garden paths may be made of stones or many other items. The addition of a seating area, such as a bench or a picnic table with a retractable awning over it, makes for a great cozy area without too much heat or sunshine beaming down on you in the summer. This idea lends itself to spending more time outside and enjoying watching bees and butterflies near your gorgeous flowers. Garden shade awnings will likely also be of the freestanding style.

5. In-ground Swimming Pool Retractable Awnings

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can have a freestanding retractable awning installed over the concrete that surrounds a built-in pool. There is usually a seating area near the pool for your family, friends, and guests to rest, enjoy a snack or a cold beverage and this makes a perfect spot for a shady cover. If you don’t have a large hard surface next to your swimming pool you can still have a freestanding awning on the lawn. Another great idea near a swimming pool is to have the awning block the hottest sun of the day at an angle that will provide shade over part of the swimming pool. Water amplifies the sun’s UV rays to cause sunburn quickly and it can lead to skin diseases as well. This idea gives you a shady area while also enjoying natural light.

retractable awnings for swimming pool

6. Above Ground Swimming Pools and Hot tubs

You can also have a high-quality freestanding awning over your above-ground pool or hot tub or near them. Relaxing in a hot tub after a long day at work is very enjoyable and many homeowners enjoy this even in the late fall or early spring. Using an awning can protect you from mist or light snow on cooler days.

7. An Extension of Your Garage

Many homeowners have so much stuff, that their garages are full and there’s not a lot of extra room around the cars for projects. A retractable awning makes a great extension to your garage to keep you out of the sun when you are working on your car, doing a woodworking project, or if you are detailing your vehicle and want to wax it. Automobile wax dries very quickly in the hot sun and it makes it harder to remove while buffing it, which can lead to a white film, left behind instead of a brilliant shine. Retractable awnings near your garage may be attached to your garage or they may be freestanding.

8. Play Areas

Children and adults alike enjoy the weather outside in the summer. If your kids or grandkids play on a swing set or outdoor playset of any sort, you can install an awning over the area to keep them cooler in the summer while also preventing sunburns. Sandboxes can get hot in the dog days of summer, which may keep kids from playing there. Metal slides can heat up and get very hot in direct sunlight–enough so to burn a child’s skin. Providing shade over metal play items can help the kids to play outside longer and get some fresh air at the same time. Freestanding retractable awnings work well over a volleyball court or a horseshoe pit for adults as well.

Call a Professional for Retractable Awnings

There are several different awnings manufacturers on the market. Your best bet is to contact a local company for installing an awning to add square footage to your home and lawn. Outdoor spaces are proven to be used more often when they are more comfortable. Call us at Sunshades of Pennsylvania to find out about all your options available. We are the trusted source for retractable awnings in the area for over 30 years.

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