Motorized Retractable Awnings

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Custom Made Motorized Retractable Awnings

Commercial grade motorized retractable awnings are a great addition to any home or commercial space. Commercial spaces can increase their seating spaces for patrons to enjoy coffee and a snack or a meal outdoors to dine al fresco. This allows a commercial space to serve more customers and it will bring in more revenue to pay for the retractable awning in a short time.

Residential retractable awnings also pay for themselves in a short time when they are attached to your home and cover a deck or patio area. They not only shade and shelter the people under it from the harsh elements and UV rays, but they will shade the windows on your home at the same time to make it much more energy-efficient. In the summer, a retractable awning will lower the temperature under it for up to 20 degrees so you will use much less air conditioning to keep your home cool. In the winter, you can retract your awning on a sunny day and allow the sun to shine in your windows to warm the inside of your home, and use less heating to stay comfortable. These year-round savings make your home energy effacement.

Our awnings have the most standard features including:

Integrated Cassette Housing

An integrated aluminum housing cassette protects the fabric from the elements resulting in a cleaner and longer lasting awning. 
The valance slides out so it can be removed in the winter or when away as well as easily cleaned.


EZ Pitch Adjustment

Sun Shades of PA's EZ-Pitch adjustment is a high-valued premium awning feature that comes standard with all of our awnings. Our EZ-Pitch makes pitch changes as easy as can be. Customers may easily adjust the slope, or pitch, of their awning by themselves by using a crank, turning the pitch pin on either side, thanks to our EZ-Pitch Adjustment.

The EZ-Pitch adjustment is so special that similiar features produced by competing manufacturers is an absolute rarity in the awnings industry. Almost all competitor's awnings require customers to use a ladder and an Allen wrench to line up the pitch to suggested stationary settings. Even more, customers usually don't adjust the pitch by themselves and instead call on technicians to handle this complicated process for them.

Built In Dimmable LED Lights

A key premium Sun Shades of PA Awnings offer are our built in dimmable LED lights. These lights are clevery built into the arms of all our awnings, giving users the ability to control the level of light by remote control.

For customers wanting to keep their gatherings going well beyond dusk and deep into the night, these built-in dimmable LED lights are prized premuim feature.

Motorized Retractable Awnings
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Motorized with Wireless Remote Control

All of our awnings are also motorized and operated by a wireless remote control. This feature is made standard with all of our awnings because of the simplicity it brings to customers.

Customers of all ages are grateful for the touch-of-a-button experience that comes with using all our awnings. Some competitor's awnings still operate by only using a crank, and this can be prohibitive for some customers, especially those with physical limitations. Customers desiring a crank feature in Sun Shades of PA awnings will be glad that to know that our awnings also include a manual override feature to the motorized function.

3 Frame Colors - Bronze/White/Beige

Sun Shades of PA's awnings come in three frame colors - bronze, white and beige - and are certain to dazzle customers' eyes. Our dealers appreciate this premium feature that is made standard in all Sun Shades of PA's awnings.

Not only are our awnings highly functional and a breeze to use, but they give customers a lot of options when it comes to finding a color match that's appropriate for their homes. The three frame colors are three times as many options as our competitors offer. Customers enjoy the opportunity to select from white, bronze and beige, which complement most home exteriors.

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Straight or Sea-Wave Valance

Our awnings also come in either straight or sea-wave fabric valances. Our high quality valances are able to be easily removed and reinstalled by customers.

Sunbrella Fabric Features - 30 Fabulous Color Choices

Our Sunbrella fabric retractable awnings offer amazing protection and classic style with a huge range of colors and patterns to complement your taste. We use high-quality fabrics from the Sunbrella textile range to bring unparralleled performance, durability and flair to your home.

Superior Color Fade Resistance

Traditional dyeing methods only add color to the fiber exteriors, Sunbrella's fabric performance characteristics are an intregal part of the fabric, not an applied finish that would wash off over time.

Light Tan/Beige
Blacks & Greys

Satisfying All of Pittsburgh's Exterior Shading Needs

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